Essentials for Trekking

Essentials Sleeping bag Pillow Pajamas/sleeping pants Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, etc.) Change of Clothes (weather appropriate) Bug Spray or Lotion Water Bottle Hiking boots Sandals Socks Gloves Portable Phone Charger Headphones Refreshing Face Mask Towel Flashlight Mosquito net Rain jacket Waterproof pants Backpack First aid kit Snacks(Nuts, Chocolate, bars,etc) Optional Items Tent Trekking Poles Sleeping […]

Travel Visa Essentials

Some countries have specific requirements but, here are some common requirements that you will need for most of the countries. NOTE: This isn’t a thorough rundown. Consequently, a few nations can and do request extra records past what’s specified here. Contact the embassy/consulate for the respective tourist visa applications.V Valid Passport A valid passport with […]

Packing List

Essentials Address list and list of important contacts or numbers Backpack, suitcase, sports bag (something to pack everything in)   Passport (check validity!)  Tickets and itinerary (airline, train, bus etc.)   Visa Finance ATM card (Maestro or Cirrus logos on the back are most widely accepted)   Cash in the local currency of your arrival destination   Credit card […]