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Festivals are special events when people gather to celebrate, regional, cultural, and traditional aspects of that community. Celebrations fulfill specific communal purposes, especially in regard to recognition or thanksgiving and offer a sense of belonging for religious, social, or geographical groups, travelers know that festivals are great opportunities to experience another culture.

Here is an overview of some of the most famous festivals in the world.

Underwater hiking trail

Underwater hiking trail in Brazil

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPa3lJrFfvE This strange and beautiful underwater paradise is actually a hiking trail in Brazil. Torrential rain has resulted in the flooding of these hiking trails.

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jazz festival

North Sea Jazz festival

The North Sea Jazz festival is a three-day annual festival which Is held each second weekend of July in the Netherlands at The Ahoy Venue

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Woodstock music festival

The Woodstock music festival

The Woodstock Music Festival also is known as “ An Aquarian Exposition: Three Days of Peace and Music”. Woodstock was a three-day concert and ends

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music festivals


The Sunburn Music Festival full of pizzazz and is Asia’s biggest music festival. Where world-class DJ’s showcase there music. Where: Goa, India. When: December, every year.

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