The North Sea Jazz festival is a three-day annual festival which Is held each second weekend of July in the Netherlands at The Ahoy Venue in Rotterdam. The founder of this music festival is Paul Acket. The festival is officially known as the NN North Sea Jazz Festival.

The History of the North Sea Jazz Festival.


This Jazz music festival was founded by Paul Acket who was a businessman and also a jazz lover who made a name in the 1960s with his pop magazine publishing company. Paul Acket when sold his company in 1975 sponsored the North Sea Jazz festival as he wanted to present American jazz and European avant-garde jazz. In 1976 the first festival took place and it climbed the mountain at first, it presented six stages, thirty hours of music and three hundred performances attracted 9000 visitors. Since then the festival has grown to fifteen stages and 1,200 musicians and about 100k visitors a day. The North Sea Jazz Festival is now held on the Island of Curacao.

The crowd.

The North Sea Jazz festival has become the biggest indoor jazz festival in the world and has a record for showing all eras of jazz.

The first show in 1976 attracted 9K visitors from all over the world and it showcased around 300 musician, this number kept on increasing shows by shows and now has grown to 25K visitors a day and shares fifteen stages and 1,200 musician in all three day and now it attracts more than 100K and more, 16 stages and 220 acts.

The Music performed.

jazz performance

As the genre of music is in its name “Jazz” so the genre of music performed in this festival  is jazz along with Gospel, funk, soul, blues, swing, fusion, New Orleans jazz, drums and bass, Bop, Free jazz, European house, Electronic jazz, Grove, Hip hop, R&B, Worldbeat, and Latin.

 The acts include Count Basis, Miles Davis, Billy Eckstine, Stan Gets, Dizzy Gillespie, Benny Goodman, and Sarah Vaughan.

In 2004 stages were shared by Grammy-winning artist Amy Winehouse, Bennett, Bernie Hancock, Oscar Peterson, and Jazz Orchestra.

The conclusion


The North Sea Jazz festival has become world-renowned, it was pronounced “The World’s Best Jazz Festival” by the JazzTimes magazine in 1990 and also in 1992.

It is one of the best festivals in the world that features retro music and it has continued to climb the ladders with tens of thousands of musician and hundreds of thousands of fans which comes from around the world from the past 30 years.

It is filled with pizzazz, euphoria and a lot of  retrogressive feeling.