Summerfest (aka “The World’s Largest Music Festival”) is an annual music festival which took place on Henry Maier Festival Park which was 75-acre big in Milwaukee,  Wisconsin. This festival goes up for 11 days which offers up to 800 acts and more than 1000 performance by world-class artists like Amy Winehouse, Katy Perry, and much more.

The History of Summerfest


It started in the 1960s by Henry W. Maier. In the middle of the decade, the crew of this festival came up with an idea of 10 days multi-event festival with the name of ‘’Milwaukee World Festival,” which is 1966 was changed to “Juli Spaß” which means ‘July Fun’ in German and then to “Summerfest “.

The first Summerfest was produced by Dee Robb and Con Merten and was held in July 1968 at 35 different locations all over the city which included Milwaukee Country Stadium and Milwaukee Arena. It celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2007 and a documentary was aired on Milwaukee Public Television called ‘Summerfest Stories’.

The crowd


Summerfest is know as one of the largest festival in world. Recorded till now more than 900K people attends the festival every year .

In 2013 around 840,356  patrons attended the fest and in 2014 the crowd increased by 1.4% ,around 851k attended the fest . 

In 2015 , 772,652 people were attracted , it was a 9.3% decline in the attendance .

In 2016 the numbers went up by 4.1% and 804,116 attended the festival.

In 2017 the crowd of 831,769 were attracted to the fest but it decreased by 8% in 2018 around 766,192 patrons attended the fest.

The Music performed


The genre of music performed in this festival are Alternative , Jam band  Americana ,Indie , Bluegrass, Gospel ,Blues , Contemporary , Country, Folk , Electronic , Hard rock,  Metal , Hip Hop , R&B , Pop , Reggae , Rock, Zydeco and Jazz .

The reason why Summerfest is one of the biggest music festivals on this face of earth due to its line-up that it offers to the crowd,  they have amazing line up of talented artists like Alessia Cara,  Steve Aoki , Phillip Phillips , DNCE, Peter Wolf , Ed Sheeran , Rolling Stones ,Paul McCartney, Bon Jovi ,  Whitney Houston,  Johnny Cash , Bob Dylan , Prince and many more know artists. On June 28, 2009, three days after Michael Jackson passed away Stevie  Wonders gave him a tribute and dedicated multiple songs to the greatest legend in the world’s history.



Summerfest is one of the biggest music festival on this face of earth that started in 1968 and has attracted the crowd of more than 800k people , it gives you to experience all genre of music from smooth and soothing feels of blues to the pizzazz of Electronic music.

You should definitely go and attend this amazing music festival as it has the capacity to refresh your mind and to fill you with extreme pizzazz.