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Some countries have specific requirements but, here are some common requirements that you will need for most of the countries.

NOTE: This isn’t a thorough rundown. Consequently, a few nations can and do request extra records past what’s specified here. Contact the embassy/consulate for the respective tourist visa applications.

Valid Passport

A valid passport with at least two blank pages is required for the visa stamp.

Passport Size Photos

The embassy will specify the required number of passport size photos, photo size, and background color.

Proof of Onward Travel

One of the queries that follow the oft-asked how to apply for a visa is ‘what is onward travel?

Onward Travel: Leaving a country and traveling onward to another country or back to your own country

The Onward ticket simply shows them that you don’t plan on settling down in the country and will leave after your travels are done. The annoying part is the cancellation process and loss of money if the visa is not approved.

Hotel Booking

You will have to provide hotel reservations. This is fine with those who follow a well-curated fixed plan. For the rest of us free souls this is a hassle. But don’t worry you can use our Flight+Hotel section to make bookings.


You will have to provide a detailed itinerary (a planned route or journey) of your trip but, you don’t have to stick to the itinerary you provide. Hence, you can create a random itinerary.

But a couple of things to keep in mind:
(i) Your hotel reservations must match your itinerary,
(ii) Your visa duration, number of days your visa is valid for, may depend on your itinerary
(iii) Your visa start date may depend on your itinerary

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is vital to get a visa in some of the countries like Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Schengen area countries and also for your own sake. In the event that something undesirable occurs and you need to avail medical services then you will be ripped off everything as healthcare is expensive. You can get your Travel insurance here

Financial Proof

You will have to present bank account statements showing a minimum amount of money. The minimum amount that you need to show varies from country to country. Usually, the visa application states the minimum expected money in terms of Number of days X Cost per day. For example, if you are spending 10 days in Spain then you will have to show at least US$ 500 in your account (US$ 50 per day X 10 days).

Letter of the Embassy Counsellor

Some embassies require you to write a letter describing your purpose of the trip and some trip details.

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