This strange and beautiful underwater paradise is actually a hiking trail in Brazil. Torrential rain has resulted in the flooding of these hiking trails. This rare phenomenon has happened three times in the last sixteen years.

It is so beautiful and exciting because the water instead of getting all muddy and impossible to see through, it remains crystal clear which make it a paradise under-water. The water basin is preserved by the reserve. The clarity of the water comes from higher concentration of mineral and calcium carbonate which purifies the water.

The hiking trail is in ‘Recanto Ecologico Rio Da Prata reserve’, it is located near Bonito, Brazil. The area is a ecotourism hub in southern-Brazil, Mato Grosso do Sul state, famous for its beautiful scenic views, wildlife and crystal clear water.

This phenomena depicts how the fictional sunken island, ‘city of Atlantis’ would now look like.

You can witness flooded bridge, hiking signs boards, tress and other water life forms. Snorkellers captured the amazing footage of this phenomenon and share with world, do check out this footage, the link is available in the beginning of the blog.

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